Wednesday, August 6, 2014

National Root Beer Float Day

In observation of National Root Beer Float Day… 

I think it’s appropriate to discuss the best way to make a root beer float.

We all know the ingredients are Root Beer and Vanilla Ice cream, but how do you make yours?

Do you add the root beer to the glass and then add in your scoops of delicious vanilla ice cream?  Creating the plop… plop… type foam … that you slip through the straw.

Or … you first add the yummy vanilla ice cream and slowly pour the rich brown root beer over the ice cream creating a very large foam that you eat off the spoon?

Some I have heard stir theirs after either way of making it….

And the ice cream… do you have a favorite brand or type of vanilla ice cream?   Breyers... Ben & Jerry’s… Haagen Dazs… Blue Bell…

What about the root beer???  Do you have a favorite… there are several out there! A & W… MUG… DADS… ICB…  Shasta… ????

What every your favorite root beer is, and what every way you add your favorite vanilla ice cream… 

Enjoy todays National Quirky holiday….

Root Beer Float Day!