Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Let’s be safe this Trick or Treat Season, even if you don’t have children there are things you can do to help keep all of your Trick or Treater’s safe. 

Here are some Halloween safety tips to make sure your kids come home safe and happy:

Costumes:  Children  will be running from house to house, so make sure their costume is suitable for running; not tight, not too loose, and have them where tennis shoes.  If the costume requires a mask or make-up, make sure that your child can clearly see.  Keep Capes from dragging and any extra “bling- bling” is easy to carry or will not hinder their walking.  Remember if they can’t carry Mom or Dad may end up doing that. 

Reflecting and flashlight – It’s going to be dark out by the time you go home, so make sure cars can see you at night. Put reflective tape on the costume and trick or treating bags.

Walking – Use sidewalks, and designated walk ways, Remember cars are going to be looking for you but you need to look for them. 

Never go ALONE – Kids should never go trick or treating along.  Always go with a sibling, friend, in a group and always have a parent nearby. If they are going out without parents, make sure you know the area where they will be trick-or-treating and have your cell phones and check in with Mom and Dad

Time – Go at the designated times set by your local community.  If you aren’t going trick or treating with your kids, set a time that they need to be home by or a time for them to check in with a phone call. That way, you know that they are safe.
You can always check your local police department web site for additional information on Trick or Treat Candy check locations.  Many times the hospital will X-Ray candy for you too.

Never go into a stranger’s house – Only get candy from houses that give it to you at the door. If someone invites them in, tell them to just say “no, thanks” and leave immediately.

Don’t Eat any Candy before its Checked – Make sure none of the candy is open or looks like it was tampered with. If you have small children, make sure the candy is not a choking hazard. Throw away any homemade candy/cookies or baked goods unless you know personally the person that made them.

Drivers – If you are driving from location to location, go extra slow and take your time.  Please watch out for the children… they are our future!!!

Remember… ghouls and goblins… have fun, but be safe.