Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Clouds...

Often, people think that the beach is just a place to visit on the sunny days… Not always, true.

Ft Walton Beach Pier (www.okaloosaislandpier.com), Okaloosa Island and the Boardwalk (www.theboardwalkoi.com) are great entertainment on cloudy days.  I cannot think of a better way to watch the storm clouds come floating in.

The other day… we went down for a stroll just to see if the fish were biting.  There were just a few anglers out there; catching some bait fish and one shark, that got away.  That is the story of every fisherman… the fish that got away…

The clouds were rolling in and the sky was just gorgeous!  The birds were the main attraction; posing for pictures and waiting for free food.

Visiting the beach on sunny days is nice, but on gray days can be just as memorable…

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spring Ideas...

Conserve Water with Drip Irrigation

Spring is coming upon us and with that… comes the plating of flowers, greenery, and vegetable gardens.  Of course, we always hear…. Conserve … Conserve … Conserve

We often only have a small area to water; such as in the case of town homes, or condominiums. A drip irrigation system may work just perfect for these small area’s or for homes that have just potted plants and small flower beds.

If you’re concerned about your garden’s water consumption, you might consider a
drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation consists of small, plastic drippers connected to
a network of hoses that applies precise, concentrated doses of water directly to the
root system. It reduces wasteful run-off caused by the typical sprinkler, which can
reduce your water use anywhere from 30% to 40%.

Setting up a drip irrigation system is relatively simple, and resources can be found just about anywhere on the Internet with step-by-step guidance. Of course, since you can’t actually see the irrigation system working on every plant, as you can with a sprinkler system.  You will want to monitor your plants on a regular basis to make sure the system is working properly.  You will be able to adjust the amount of water needed for your plants easily.  Keep in mind that the plastic parts can be damaged by intense heat, animals, or toddlers on a backyard adventure because they are not underground.  So monitoring your system regular is necessary.

The end result will be luscious green plants, flowers and vegetables.